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Let’s talk about school formal events! When it comes to those, Perth Party Bus Hire has become quite the expert in just two years. We are a popular service for youngsters looking for the ultimate ride to their school ball!

Our transport packages for students come at a discounted price during the formals season. We offer you a range of vehicles to choose from according to how many passengers can be seated. Whether you just want a classy ride for you and your date, or you want to hit the venue with all your mates and buddies, we’ll definitely have something for you. You get to pick the music and refreshments onboard, and you get your own little party on the way to your ball before having to share it with everyone else. Need a lift home too? We got you, fam.
if you’re on the school ball committee and starting to plan an event your classmates will never forget, call us up through out contact page to consult with one of our events coordinators and start putting together an event with a shine, glamour and quality that will eclipse all future balls to come. We’ll help you choose from a variety of caterers, themes and decorations and combine them into a truly unique ball experience that’s not only fun to attend, but easy to pull off, especially with our helpful staff and student-friendly prices. Indeed, most schools in Perth have promised to come back year after to avail of our services and bring the magic back again and again!

Your limo drivers will ensure your safety and comfort from the moment we pick you up at the door to the moment we drop you back off again. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and prepare to party!