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Perth Party Bus Hire is one of the newest and most popular party transport services in the state. In addition to providing quality luxury vehicles such as limousines for a wide range of functions and events, we also take it a step further by planning events in cooperation with a list of well-known venues and locations. We’ve got the whole party covered, from VIP treatment, program planning, dinner menu and special drinks to a comfortable and enjoyable lift to and from the venues. We ensure that the party starts the moment you get into the car, providing refreshment, music and entertainment for passengers, and lasts beyond the party and all the way home.

Safety, efficiency and punctuality are our watchwords! Our customers/passengers deserve only the best when it comes to transport hire for their function or event. We have a staff of event coordinators that you can get in touch with on the Contact page to start discussing which direction you want to take the party you’re planning. Whatever direction it is, you can be sure we’ll be going that way, taking you wherever you want with all the glamour you deserve to have the best night of your life. No kidding!

On our contact page you can start talking with one of our staff for information on packaging, routes, prices and the number of venues available to you. You’ll be spoiled for choice with every single detail, and why shouldn’t you be? Life is a ride so you might as well cruise by in style!